Get Car Insurance in Chicago

Oxford Auto Insurance is a premier auto insurance company in Chicago that keeps you protected financially should you get involved in an accident while on the road. We find the policy that best suits your needs and helps you comply with the state law.

What Type of Auto Insurance Is Required in Chicago?

As a city in the State of Illinois, Chicago imposes minimum insurance coverage requirements on drivers. This law ensures that car accident victims in the city can easily seek compensation through the negligent driver’s insurance policy. Not all drivers, however, obey these minimum insurance requirements. In these cases, auto accident victims may bring the matter to court by filing a lawsuit against the other party.

If you want to avoid a costly lawsuit, it is best to have the right auto insurance right from the get-go.

What Insurance should You Get?

The state of Illinois requires basic liability insurance, which includes the minimum coverage for bodily injury and property damage. But, this policy is rarely enough protection. Basic liability insurance only protects other drivers by paying for the damage you cause.

At Oxford Auto Insurance, we recommend considering more extensive coverage that can help reduce the risks that come with owning or operating a vehicle today. You may want to get a policy that includes the following:

  • Collision insurance


This type of insurance covers damage to your vehicle if you hit another car, a tree, a sign, or any other thing.

  • Comprehensive auto insurance


This covers losses related to your vehicle from road incidents that don’t involve a collision. It may cover losses that resulted from fires, thefts, or natural disasters.

  • Medical payments coverage


This insurance helps pay for your medical expenses (as well as your passengers’ medical bills, if you had one) after an accident, regardless of fault.

How Can We Help?

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