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Best Roadside Assistance Tips You Will Read This Year

The Best Roadside Assistance Tips you will read this year


Oxford Auto Insurance has you covered with 5 tips that will keep you safe in an emergency.


1. Move to Safety


The first thing you should do. Especially if you are on the highway is move to the side of the road if you are able to. If possible, pull over to an emergency lane, if there is a rest stop available or a parking lot that will work also. The idea is not to cause another accident by staying on the road. Even if you have a flat tire do everything you can to move to safety.


2. Stay in your Vehicle


Never ever leave your vehicle when you are on the road. Make sure to pull over to a safe area before exiting your vehicle. Getting out of your vehicle could put you in danger.


3. Alert other drivers


Make yourself visible. Turn on your blinkers. If you have flares or road triangles you can place those 30-60 feet behind your vehicle. The idea is to be seen by drivers that do not know that you are there. This is critically important at night where if your lights are off, and no one can see you, can lead to an accident.


4. Call for help


Now is the time to reach out to emergency personal if needed. It is also the time to call your Roadside Assistance provider. Metro Motor Club provides plans for as little as $30 per year.


5. Keep emergency supplies in your car


Emergency supplies are important to have in case of an emergency. Things such as jumper cables, road flares, road triangles and a flash light can come in handy on the side of the road.


Helping you stay safe on the road is important to us. Stay tuned to our blog for more safety tips!