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Why Basic Vehicle Insurance Coverage Is Not Enough for You

July 19, 2018

Once you become a licensed driver in Illinois or move to the state, you must comply with the local requirements. Part of this is carrying insurance policies that cover any liability should you ever get into an accident.

There are many companies offering vehicle insurance in Chicago, many of which provide enough coverage that the law requires. However, this is not enough, and you should opt for better coverage that suits your needs and protects you even more than basic coverage provides.

Insurance Coverage Required by Law

Before you can drive, Illinois driving laws require that you have insurance coverage that meets certain specifications. These include liability coverage, uninsured motorist bodily injury coverage, and underinsured motorist bodily injury insurance. Liability coverage consists of two parts: bodily injury and property damage. These pay for the costs of the death of pedestrians or other drivers, medical expenses, and, if necessary, legal defense.

Laws require at least $25,000 per person per accident and $50,000 total per accident each for bodily injuries, uninsured, and underinsured bodily injury insurance, and $20,000 for property damage.

All these listed are necessary, which makes it the bare minimum coverage. Failure to drive without insurance incurs penalties, suspension, and fines. Repeated offenses may increase the severity of these three, and you could become a high-risk driver, making your insurance premiums more expensive.

More Than Just Basic Insurance

According to Illinois’ Department of Transportation, there were 324,473 vehicle crashes in the state last 2016.  You could argue that you are a good driver and can avoid getting into accidents, but it can happen to any person on the road, so isn’t it better to be prepared?

It is much better to be prepared because basic packages can only shoulder so much; if there is an excess, the driver will have to pay the rest. Even the Illinois Department of Insurance recommends buying higher premiums because the state’s minimum may not provide enough coverage. According to them, vehicles today are worth over $20,000 while medical bills could go over $25,000. The total may exceed your coverage, leaving you to shoulder the other costs.

Also, if you took out a bank loan to pay for your vehicle, some banks may require you to have better coverage to protect their financial interests if the vehicle itself is your collateral. It could include comprehensive insurance, which protects your car from non-driving accidents such as fire, theft, vandalism, and other external debris.

While Illinois driving laws state a minimum insurance coverage, drivers should refrain from buying an insurance deal that only covers the bare minimum. Keep in mind that insurance protects you from the high costs of vehicle accidents, and by getting the best possible coverage, you protect yourself from other incidents that may not be covered with minimum coverage.

Oxford Auto Insurance has served Chicagoland for over 65 years and is a trusted name for car insurance in Illinois. We provide more than just the bare minimum and help you find the best and most affordable packages for your situation.

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What Do You Do When You’re Hit With a Speeding Charge?

July 12, 2018

Imagine a free highway with not many vehicles around. You’re on your way to check out Chicago’s finest destinations. You may be in a hurry to visit the Garfield Park Conservatory. While stepping on the gas pedal, you hear the sound of a police car behind you. You pull over, and you realize you went over the speed limit — again.

If this situation results in a suspension of your license, you have hope in the form of an SR-22 car insurance in Chicago, which can restore your driving privileges.

Sometimes though, you can mitigate the impact of a traffic offense by approaching the situation calmly and with your wits about you.

Be Polite

As soon as the police officer walks up to your car, your defense against speeding charges starts. As the Miranda rights state, anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law.

All your statements will take part in the court proceedings. This is why it’s crucial that you remain calm and respectful.

Remember not to provide information more than what the police needs or asks. Keep in mind that you are not required to agree with the officer’s assessment.

Be polite still and compliant with reasonable requests. You will know when the officer’s requests are reasonable if you’re familiar with the speed limits in Illinois.

Know the Speed Limits

The Illinois State Police reminds drivers that it’s their responsibility to be aware of the posted speed limit. The state’s speeding law restricts driving at a speed “greater than is reasonable and proper with regard to traffic conditions and the use of the highway, or endangers the safety of any person or property.”

Here’s a list of the maximum speed limits in Illinois:

Here are the consequences:

Handle speeding charges better with a deep knowledge of, or familiarity with, Illinois’ speeding laws.

The Insurance with Assurance

All “high-risk” drivers in Chicago need an SR-22 insurance certificate (or the Certificate of Financial Responsibility), as required by the Illinois Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). The SR-22 isn’t a kind of insurance. It’s a confirmation that you’re maintaining your car insurance liability coverage. If you find yourself obliged to have this certificate, Oxford Auto Insurance can help you.

Some car insurance providers set the policy rates depending on the applicant’s record. We can provide guidance in such instances. We compare policies from more than 15 insurers. This will allow you to find the insurance that fits your needs, your budget, and that comes with an SR-22 certificate.

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Winter Vehicle Maintenance: Winterize Your Car

December 4, 2017

When the weather turns cold, it’s time to bundle up and take care of yourself. Limiting your exposure to the elements is the best way to ensure that you’ll be healthy and comfortable during the cold winter months, and the same applies to your car. Like you, it needs protection, because cold weather can have an adverse effect on your vehicle’s vital systems.


Illinois Driving Laws For 2018

December 4, 2017

Some driving laws seem to be like the law of gravity — they’ll always be there. Red probably will always mean “stop,” and green likely will always mean “go,” for example. But even though you may have aced your driving test all those years ago, that doesn’t mean that what you learned in driver’s ed always will be the law. Although it’s unlikely that Illinois suddenly would declare that blue means “stop,” it’s important for anyone using Illinois roads and highways to keep up with the latest changes in driving laws.


Tips For Winter Weather Driving In Chicago

December 4, 2017

If there’s one thing Chicagoans know a lot about, it’s getting through winter. After all, we’re not known as “The City That Works … As Long As The Weather’s Not Too Bad.” Life in the city doesn’t stop just because of a few inches of snow, or because the streets are covered with black ice, or because it’s cold enough to flash-freeze a moose. We Chicagoans are supposed to be a hearty bunch, and that means we hit the roads even when they’re buried under an inch of slush and sleet. Driving under these adverse conditions is a rite of passage for Chicagoans. Though anyone who has been stuck on the Dan Ryan in January can tell you that not everyone is successful at it.


Consequences Of Driving Without Auto Insurance

August 30, 2017

Is it possible to drive a car in Illinois without auto insurance? It is possible, but also against the law, so just because something is possible doesn’t make it a good idea. Maybe you’re confident you’ll never be in an accident. Maybe you’d rather spend your money on something else. No matter what you think, however, driving without auto insurance in Illinois is a bad idea. Driving without insurance not only leaves you on the hook in the event of an accident or theft, but it puts you at risk of many other consequences, none of them good. The good news? Just carrying cheap insurance can protect you from many of these consequences, so even if you have the reflexes of a NASCAR driver or a spotless driving record, there’s no reason not to drive insured.


How To Know If You’re A High-Risk Driver

August 30, 2017

Auto insurance is a requirement to operate a motor vehicle. However, insurance companies base auto insurance rates partially on your risk as a driver. Because high-risk drivers are more likely to file an insurance claim, they usually pay more for Illinois auto insurance or could be dropped from coverage altogether. Determine if you’re a high-risk driver and understand your auto insurance options when you know the factors that insurance companies use to assign risk.