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Is There Such a Thing as Over-Insured Car? Yes, There Is

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On April 8th, a car in Montgomery, Alabama gave a new meaning to the phrase “drive-thru” as it crashed into a restaurant’s dining room. According to the police, the driver of the SUV mistakenly accelerated, causing it to crash into the restaurant’s wall.

While there were no reported injuries, there were damages sustained by the vehicle, and of course, the restaurant. When accidents like this happen in Chicago, having adequate auto insurance comes in handy.

Many drivers worry about being underinsured, as they should. However, being over-insured can be a problem, too. This means you’re paying high premiums every month, a portion of which is for coverage you won’t likely use.

What’s Wrong with Being Over-Insured?

Let’s be clear: it’s better for your car to be over-insured than underinsured. If your car is underinsured and you get into a collision with another vehicle full of passengers who have sustained injuries, you’re liable for thousands of dollars in medical expenses. Being underinsured and having to pay for such damages can be financially crippling.

If you’re over-insured, you’re likely to have more coverage, even for circumstances you didn’t think would happen. The downside, though, is that the monthly premiums that you’re paying are likely to be too high.

How Do I Know If I’m Over-Insuring My Car?

In the state of Illinois, you’re required to carry at least $25,000 worth of bodily injury liability coverage per person and $20,000 worth of property damage liability coverage.

If, for example, you’re paying for $300,000 worth of bodily injury coverage and $250,000 worth of property damage coverage, you’re paying way too much.

However, you should still consider the following:

How Should You Decide on How Much Insurance Premiums to Pay?

While being over-insured has both advantages and disadvantages, whether it’s a good idea for you depends on your lifestyle and financial situation. If you can afford to pay damages out of pocket, you may be able to get by paying for the minimum insurance coverage.

Then again, you may find paying for higher monthly premiums that cover more damages a better option. Compared to out of pocket costs, this alternative could prove way more affordable, after all.

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