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Tips On Keeping your Air Conditioner Cool

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Tips On Keeping Your Air Conditioner Working Right!


It is hot outside and you feel like the asphalt is melting under right under your feet.

You almost wish it could snow a bit just to feel and breathe some cool air.

Sitting in a car that has no air conditioning can feel suffocating.

Having an AC that is fully functional can make that trip to work all the more comfortable.

Here are some tips to make sure that your AC is working the way it should this summer!

You can lessen the AC’s work load by parking in a shaded spot. You won’t find a spot every time, especially when you are in a huge parking lot, but always try to keep in mind to try and park your car in the shade.

You can also take it a step further and get an idea where the shade will fall at a certain hour near a building or tree when you go to work.

If the only parking spot left is in the sun during the first part of the day, then there are pretty good chances once the starts to set the car will be shaded in the afternoon.

Spot those opportunities and park your car there.

Even though your car will heat up during the day, the shade will lower its temperature in the afternoon it won’t feel as hot in the car when you leave the office.

If you park in a wide open area, you can also always use windshield shades to cover your car’s windows.

If you park in the shade, put windshield covers on your car’s windows and the interior of your car still is unbearable you can try to ventilate the cabin before you turn on your AC.

So we suggest you open all the windows and drive a bit for a few minutes.

Once you feel that your car has cooled down, the next step is to start the AC on low.

The first instinct everyone has is to start the AC on high. But your best bet is to let the AC “warm up” by starting it on low before kicking it into high gear.

Recirculation mode usually is the best bet at getting your car cooled down.

Once the AC “warms up” and starts blowing cool air in your face turn ON the Recirculation Mode.

This means that the AC system won’t suck hot air in from the outside and it will use the cooler air in the cabin.

Since the cabin air is starting to get cooler, the system will work less to cool the cooler air than down continuously cooling the air sucked from outside.

When you reached your destination, don’t just turn OFF the engine, because you’ll create a bit of a shock in the AC unit.

First, turn OFF the AC while the engine is running.

You can start doing this even before reaching your destination. The car interior should be pretty cool now so you won’t break a sweat.

After turning OFF the AC, keep the fan working at medium to high speed.


Do you know that puddle of water forming underneath you car after using the AC?

Well, that’s coming from the evaporator. The unit is almost ice cold when hot air passes near it so condensation occurs on its fins, forming water droplets.

The fan working while the AC is stopped will dry out the evaporator and its surroundings. This means moss and other damp-dark-places-loving bacteria won’t thrive there and you’ll be spared from foul smells and possible respiratory system diseases.

Don’t forget to follow your car’s periodic maintenance schedule, when the cabin air filter should be replaced. At least once a year, your service should spray some anti-bacterial substances into your AC’s ducts and vents.

Also, at some point the refrigerant in the system will need to be replaced. Do it on a certified dealership that only uses original replacements for your vehicle.

Stay cool!