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Whether you need car insurance near Chicago, IL or SR-22 insurance, Oxford Auto Insurance is the trusted source for coverage and the best rates here in the 60620 ZIP code. We make it as easy as possible to get cheap auto insurance in Chicago because we shop more than 15 companies on your behalf. You can even buy your insurance online and drive immediately. Many of our companies offer instant proof of insurance that allows you to buy your insurance any time of day. Oxford Auto Insurance also offers the ability to pay online for your convenience. For all these reasons and more, Oxford Auto Insurance is the No. 1 place to go. We have four convenient locations in your area to help you find what you need:

  • 55 W. 79th St., (773) 966-5831
  • 7842 S. Western Ave., (773) 873-0000
  • 8701 S. Ashland Ave., (773) 676-0070
  • 8710 S. Halsted St., (773) 887-6690

Oxford Auto Insurance specializes in three types of Chicago, IL auto insurance:

Auto Insurance

When you come to us for Chicago, Illinois auto insurance, you’ll enjoy benefits such as low down payments, low monthly payments, online shopping, increased liability limits and more.

SR-22 Coverage

Rather than a type of insurance, an SR-22 certificate is a document issued by an insurance provider to the DMV, verifying you have at least the minimum liability insurance required in Illinois.

Motorcycle Insurance

Rest easy knowing you’re protected while on the road on your motorcycle. We offer a variety of motorcycle insurance options, including full coverage, liability only, medical payments, roadside assistance and more.

Visit any of our four locations in the 60620 ZIP code above and talk to one of our Chicago, IL insurance agents regarding your coverage. Or, get a free online quote today.