Low-Cost Motorcycle Insurance in Illinois

Serving Illinois for over 70 years, Oxford Auto Insurance is a trusted name when it comes to motorcycle insurance. We shop multiple insurance companies to help you find a policy with the most extensive coverage at the most affordable rate.

Why Do You Need Insurance?

In Chicago, motorcycle owners are required to get the minimum liability insurance. This ensures you can pay damages in case you get involved in a collision. But this type of policy covers only the losses of the other driver in the situation.

At Oxford Auto Insurance, we will help you get a policy that can also cover your property and injuries you sustain in auto accidents and other road incidents. This policy may include medical payments coverage, comprehensive coverage, and roadside assistance plans.

How Much should You Spend on Motorcycle Insurance?

The cost of motorcycle insurance varies depending on several factors, including your driving record, financial situation, and insurance preferences. In general, however, motorcycle policies are expensive. Companies require high premiums mainly because riding motorbikes is dangerous. Moreover, motorcycles are easy to carry off due to their light weight.

With our help, we’ll make sure you get the best value for your money. Our agents will hunt down the most competitive rates for coverage that best suit your needs.

Want to get the motorcycle insurance in Chicago that suits your needs? Visit one of our local offices in Chicago and other locations across Illinois.

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