Find Car Insurance in Harvey, IL Today

As a premier insurance agency, Oxford Auto Insurance helps clients find the best car insurance in Harvey, Illinois. We shop over 15 insurers to hunt the most extensive coverage at the lowest rate possible — one that gives you the best value for your money.

What Type of Coverage should You Get?

In Harvey, car owners are obliged to carry basic liability insurance in order to drive. The law ensures that you can cover the losses of another party if you are found at fault in an auto accident. This minimum liability insurance is rarely enough protection, though.

At Oxford Auto Insurance, we will help you search for a policy that includes the types of coverage that meet your specific needs. Our agents may recommend an insurance policy with:

  • Collision Coverage

While basic liability insurance covers the losses of another party, collision insurance pays for the damage to your vehicle should you hit a car, a sign, a tree, or any other object on the road.

  • Comprehensive Coverage

This type of insurance covers losses related to your car as a result of fires, theft, vandalism, and natural disasters.

Why Buy Oxford?

More than just our search for the most reasonably priced yet extensive coverage for you, we provide superior services, too. These include flexible payment plans, low down and payments, tow truck insurance, and increased liability limits at an affordable price.

With our assistance, you can buy your insurance online and start driving immediately. Many of our partner companies offer instant proof of insurance, allowing you to hit the road as quickly as possible.

Ready to get auto insurance in Harvey, IL? Give us a call or drop by at one of our local offices today for a free quote.